How We Make Them

  • Humdingers are completely handmade, not mass produced in any way. 
  • They are individually hand-dipped in powder paint, resulting in a harder, more durable finish. The paint won't chip or wear off like some spray painted lures.  
  • Adhesive eyes are placed by hand for added realism, instead of using painted dots. 
  • Each lure's nose is painted with red acrylic and the eyes are painted with a clear coat for durability. 
  • Next, Humdingers are fitted with an inline spinner blade rather than a Colorado blade to allow them to spin effortlessly with the slightest bit of movement in the water. 
  • Finally, a high-quality Eagle Claw Red Anodized Treble Hook is attached with a nickel plated spring steel split ring to ensure no "split eye hook" break offs with those hard fighting hybrids and heavy stripers.

Leroy says "Each lure is an individually handmade tool to get the job done on the water. I have been fishing tail spinner-type lures since the mid '60s. They worked then and they work now. Humdingers just work better! All my lure designs are tested for their action in my special test facility (my swimming pool)."

Bottom line: Humdingers are designed to catch fish, not the fisherman.